Monday, May 30, 2011

Class of 2012 Senior- Makayla! {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer}

I am so excited to start into the new 2012 Senior class!!!

Meet Makayla! She is our Senior Rep for Idaho Falls High School. I just love her personality. Makayla is so bubbly, happy and full of energy. She made me smile the whole time we were doing her "mini" session. Her favorite color is pink and she loves Snicker bars... a girl after my own heart ♥. I am so excited to do two more sessions with her!

But here are just a few from her "mini" session! ☺

Monday, May 23, 2011

Love is in the air! Cody & Emily's engagements {East Idaho Wedding Photographer}

Love is definitely in the air with this couple! ♥  They are so perfect for each other! During the whole session they couldn't stop looking at each other and whispering sweet sayings to each other. It was so fun to watch and even more so, since the soon-to-be-bride is my darling niece! We were suppose to do an evening session but the weather, once again, was looking a little iffy. So I called them up and we did them earlier in the afternoon and it was a good thing we did! It did sprinkle on us for a few minutes but then the rest of the time was beautiful. I am so glad that spring has finally decided to show its face in Idaho and the trees are beginning to bloom and the grass is so green! Yay!!!! We had a lot of fun doing their session. They are a couple who like to have fun together and so we just had to do some swing shots. Can't wait for their wedding in July!

Here are just a few from their session!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

2012 Senior Rep for Shelley High School {Idaho Senior Photographer}

I can't believe 2011 Seniors are just about graduated and I am now starting on 2012 Seniors! Woohoo!

 This is one of our beautiful Senior Reps from Shelley High School.  She is so much fun! She has such an awesome, outgoing personality and the most GORGEOUS eyes!!!! We did a quick mini session for her to get her started on her rep program. We even got to do some in the pouring rain. Thank goodness the rain only lasted about 5 minutes. But enough to get me drenched and my hair plastered. Thank goodness I had an umbrella for her and one for my assistant to hold over my camera. She was a great sport and we got some fun shots for her "mini" session. I can't wait to do her studio and a longer outside session with her prom dresses!

If you are a Senior for the 2012 school year, give us a call if your interested in learning more about our senior rep program. You can earn free portraits, have a photo party with your friends, AND earn an i-pod!!!!! Give us a call- 208-680-9372!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Happily in love"- Steven & Kalene {Idaho Wedding Photographer}

Warm temp's and sun aren't in the air, but love sure is! I don't know if you can get any cuter than this couple! They are so "happily in love"! We weren't sure if we would even be able to do their session because it rained off and on through out the day of their session. But we decided to go for it, wind, rain, cloudy skies and all. We headed off to a really cool, out in the country, spot but as we traveled along the unpaved road we realized we may end up getting stuck in the mud so we turned around. We had a few tense moments as I navigated the HHR out of the mud, slipping and sliding. fortunately, Steven, Kalene and her Mom were in a 4x4 truck at that point! But what an adventure!!! We continued on to several other locations and got some great shots, including several with Kalene's AWESOME bug!  At the last location the clouds opened up once again and drenched us. What good sports they were as we got soaked. Poor Kalene was pretty cold by the end! Never a dull moment when you go on a session with me!

Here are a few of my favorites from their session... Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Preston & Lacey in LOVE!!! {Idaho Wedding Photographer}

I LOVE doing engagement sessions! I love feeling that sweet love between two people who are getting ready to embark on a life together. Preston and Lacey are a couple of my past High School Senior clients and I was so excited when I got the call that they were getting married! They are so perfect for each other. I am WAY excited to get to do their wedding! We lucked out on the weather the day of their session. Several days up to their session it was rainy and cold and then it started to rain again the day after their session. We planned it perfectly for right in between!

Here are a few sneak peeks at several of their images from their engagement session...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sweet little baby boy {Idaho Falls Newborn Photographer}

I LOVE newborns! I love how sweet and perfect they are. This little guy was a perfect angel. I am not sure if I have ever had as calm a baby as he was. He slept the whole time. He also is my first baby without a "mess". And we shot for almost three hours! I was amazed! The best part is my viewing room is finally done and I did his whole session in there where it was nice and WARM! His Mom and I were sweating but he was toasty warm. It was AWESOME! ☺

Here are a few from his session...

Senior- Dalen {Senior Portrait Photographer}

Meet Dalen. A high School Senior from Salem, Utah. Dalen was a total blast to work with for his senior pictures. He has so much personality. I laughed a lot during his session because he just "hams" it up. Thanks, Dalen, for making your session so fun. ☺ We didn't do too many serious pictures because he is just a smiley guy but I did get one at the end. Dalen loves to golf, play tennis and I know he is an amazing pianist. Here are just a few from his session....

P.S. And I LOVED his golf "outfit"! The BIG golf ball just finished it off! ☺