Monday, June 7, 2010

AMAZING engagement session! {Idaho Wedding Portrait Photographer}

Congrats go to Bryce and Saige on their engagement! I am so excited to do their wedding this summer. We had so much fun doing their engagement session. I gave Bryce a good workout moving and hauling tires, equipment and chairs. ☺ He was a great sport and they were up for anything. And thank goodness we had a break in the weather long enough to do their session. It has rained almost non-stop since the beginning of May. Here are just a few from their AMAZING session!!!

B&S_E_026 copy edited

B&S_E_009 copy edited texture

B&S_E_040 copy edited 

B&S_E_054 copy edited cropped

This image is one of my favorites. Bryce works on power lines down in Utah during the week and so when I mentioned removing the wires out of the image he teased me about all the HARD work he does in putting them up. So I agreed to leave them in the image and even shot so you can see the actual pole as well. After I came home and uploaded the images to my computer and  looked at them, I was glad I left the wires in it. I LOVE it!!! ☺
B&S_E_116 copy edited

B&S_E_226 copy edited 

B&S_E_005 copy edited