Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blue Angels!

The Blue Angels came to our town this past weekend. And wow, what a rush! I had no idea that watching fighter jets could be so thrilling. I have never seen an air show but I have decided after watching the Blue Angels for four days that it is a blast! Now I want to go to more. I was amazed at how close they fly together and don't crash. They even fly together up-side-down! I didn't get to go to the actual air show at the airport but I did get to watch them and took some pictures as they flew over head. There is nothing more thrilling then to have them fly right over your head and then to hear the roar of their engines as they pass by. If you have never seen an air show you should try it sometime. It was thrilling to have them here for four days. And I hope they will come back again. It was AWESOME!!!!! 

I took this image as they were lining up on the runway to take-off. They actually came to the end of the runway and then turned around before taking off. 

IMG_2352 copy edited copy

IMG_2348 edited copy

IMG_2374 copy edited copy

IMG_2388 copy edited copy

IMG_2381 copy edited copy

IMG_2408 copy edited copy

Look at how close they are to one another. CRAZZZZYY!!!!!

IMG_2420 copy edited copy

Notice that two are upside down. I can't imagine how tricky this maneuver has to be and not crash!

IMG_2434 copy edited copy

IMG_2490 copy edited copy

IMG_2478 copy edited copy

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gorgeous bride!!! {Idaho Wedding Photographer}

And today is her wedding day! ☺

We had so much fun doing her bridal session. I wanted to post these right after we did them but I didn't want to take a chance of her groom seeing them before the wedding. But as of this afternoon this beautiful bride will be a "Mrs."!

bridals001 copy edited

bridals008 copy edited 

bridals015 copy edited b&w

bridals038 copy edited

bridals087 copy edited vintage

bridals134 copy edited  

bridals138 copy edited 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Beautiful Bride-to-be... {East Idaho Wedding Photographer}

Doing bridals is one of my most favorite sessions to do. I LOVE the excitement that each bride feels as she gets closer to her wedding day. It is a moment in each brides life where she gets to be a princess for a day. And this bride makes a beautiful princess!

Here is a small sneak peek at Brittany's bridal pictures! Congratulations on your soon-to-be wedding!!!

bridals003 copy edited 

bridals035 copy edited 

bridals006 copy edited b&w  

bridals062 copy edited  texture 

bridals091 copy edited

bridals112 copy edited 

bridals123 copy edited cropped