Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Beginner DSLR classes starting June 5th, 2013

We have our next four week beginner camera class starting next week! If you want to learn how to use your camera and get better results in your photos then this class is for YOU!!!! 

In the class you will learn the basics of your camera. What the settings mean and how to use them. Each week we cover a new concept, do hands on in class to learn what you just learned and then send you home with an assignment to give you more practice. We take you from beginner to being able to shoot completely in manual. 

The cost is $200 for all four classes. Each class is from 7-8:30 pm every Wednesday starting June 5. 

Here is what others are saying about our classes...

Thank you SO, SO much for the photography class I took from you. I have taken lots of classes, but yours is the one that really made me understand my camera and photography. I loved the small class size and all of the hands on photographing we did in class. I appreciate your patience and the way you made sure we all understood the concepts and our specific cameras. I would highly recommend this class.

I have owned a Nikon for over two years and never knew how to use it. I have taken a class before on how to use my DSLR Camara with no luck! The classes just had to much information and I am a hands on person. My pictures were blurry, not in focus, and sometimes the pictures would turn out to dark or to light. I have wanted to take a class that would have a few classes to where I could take notes and use the camera. I was informed about Kim's class and decided to take it!

On the first day of class, I had a problem with my pictures coming out really really dark and Kim took the time to look at my camera and see what was going on. After each class Kim was willing to stay and help with any problems that we were having and if during the week we had a problem we could call her and she would help us over the phone.

What I really enjoyed about this class is being able to take everything done in class that day and practice over the week. Again if I had a problem I could call her anytime and she would be there. I have loved taking this class and have really enjoyed Kim as a teacher. I would recommend this class to anyone!!

My husband and I bought a DLS-R camera in December 2011. We took a class together to learn how to use the camera. I left the class feeling so overwhelmed and uneducated, the camera had since sat unused in my closet. After talking to Kim, I eagerly and hesitantly at the same time signed up for the beginner class. After the first class, I was thrilled to be able to use the camera in different modes and get great pictures. I honestly did not think this was possible. I am now unafraid to use manual mode and love shooting as many pictures as possible. Does every picture turn out perfect? No! But the great thing is, I know how to fix it so I can get them to turn out! I have loved the intimacy of the class, the hands on experience, and the willingness of Kim to take the time with every student to answer our questions. Loved the class and now, I love my camera!

Give us a call today if you want to learn how to use your camera better!