Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's official...

Kimberly Smith Photography now has an official blog! Our web site is still in the works but for now you will be able to view recent images taken in the studio or on-location. I will update this regularly and every once in awhile I will post a monthly special. So make sure you check back often! In September we will begin a photo contest. More information to come.


kim said...

Okay, so I found this link on my friends' name is Kimberly Smith! (My maiden name is Smith)...anyway, your photos are gorgeous, and I want to set up a session with you! How do we get a hold of you?

Kimberly Smith Photography said...

Hi Kim-


You can get a hold of me by e-mailing me through your e-mail at Please leave me a contact # or an e-mail address to contact you. Thank you for your interest.