Friday, February 26, 2010

Boston- Idaho Falls High Senior- Outside Session {Idaho Senior Photographer}

Just a few from Boston's Senior outside session. I am going to use one word to describe his session... BRRRRR! :) We didn't have much time when we did his outside session so we stayed outside most of the time without going in to warm up. I think the temps were around 25-27 degrees and when you are out for over a half hour in those temps it gets quite cold! But we braved it and got some great shots!  Thanks, Boston, for being a good sport and for giving us the opportunity to capture your awesome Senior images!

Boston236 copy edited cropped

Boston210 copy edited texture 

Boston181 copy edited texture 

Boston155 copy edited  texture

Boston174 copy edited 


Tiffany-rfp studio said...

Love the color and texture of these! Great work!

Diane- DB Impressions said...

Absolutely adore the 3rd and 4th ones! All are great, those 2 just really caught my eye!! WOW!

ellen d said...

Such vibrant color and great variety- love them! Those eyes really draw you in!