Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Simply beautiful bride! And her adorable puppy! {East Idaho Wedding Photographer}

I had the AWESOME privilege of doing this soon-to-be bride's bridal session. She was a blast and even brought her puppy to do some photo's with! What fun! I could not believe how good her puppy was. She was so sweet and calm. Although the bride informed me the puppy does have a hyper side. I just didn't get to see it. ☺

Thanks, Melissa, for all the fun we had! Enjoy your sneak peek! I can't wait for you to see all the rest! We have a bunch of them! ☺

MBridals051 copy edited

MBridals012 copy edited b&w

MBridals007 copy edited

MBridals109 copy edited 

MBridals152 copy edited honey

MBridals115 copy editedMBridals166 copy edited

MBridals154 copy edited

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Ellen said...

Stunning bridal images, and I love the fun that the puppy and bike add!