Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beautiful Idaho Bride {East Idaho Wedding Photographer}

This gorgeous bride has only a few more weeks before the BIG day!!! 

We scheduled a session Saturday with the high hopes of good weather, but seeing as it is spring in Idaho, you never know what you will get, weather wise. When she arrived for the studio part of her session the weather wasn't too bad, but by the time we shot a few in the studio the weather decided to throw us a mini blizzard. So we only got to do studio that day. So we will attempt to capture a day before the wedding to grab a few outside shots. 

In the meantime- here is a quick sneak peek at her studio shots. She is such a beautiful bride. I can't wait to go "play" some more! ☺

M-bri003 e 

M-bri052 e2   

M-bri013 e

M-bri027 e  

M-bri002 e b&w  

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