Saturday, May 21, 2011

2012 Senior Rep for Shelley High School {Idaho Senior Photographer}

I can't believe 2011 Seniors are just about graduated and I am now starting on 2012 Seniors! Woohoo!

 This is one of our beautiful Senior Reps from Shelley High School.  She is so much fun! She has such an awesome, outgoing personality and the most GORGEOUS eyes!!!! We did a quick mini session for her to get her started on her rep program. We even got to do some in the pouring rain. Thank goodness the rain only lasted about 5 minutes. But enough to get me drenched and my hair plastered. Thank goodness I had an umbrella for her and one for my assistant to hold over my camera. She was a great sport and we got some fun shots for her "mini" session. I can't wait to do her studio and a longer outside session with her prom dresses!

If you are a Senior for the 2012 school year, give us a call if your interested in learning more about our senior rep program. You can earn free portraits, have a photo party with your friends, AND earn an i-pod!!!!! Give us a call- 208-680-9372!

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