Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Steps to making the perfect cowboy hat | East Idaho Wedding Photographer

I LOVE when I have wedding that I get to learn new things. And at this wedding in Mackay, Idaho,  I learned how to form the perfect cowboy hat. I had no idea that these type of hats start out rounded and the person who is going to wear it actually forms it to their liking. I was fascinated by the steps of preparing it to be worn. I wanted to share some of the images I captured and the steps to achieving the final product.

Step 1- Start with a rounded hat. 

Step 2- Take the rounded hat and submerge it in water. In this case- the river. 
Step 3- Push in the top to form the sunk in middle. 
Step 4- Form the edges to your liking. Some people like it curled up more on the sides and some like it rounded more in the front and back. It is a personal preference. 

Step 5- The final fitting to make sure it fits the way the person desires. 

Step 6- Let it dry in the sun and then add embellishments. This hat received a hand-braided rope to decorate it. 

Step 7- Ready to wear! Doesn't this groom look awesome in his new hat? 

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Gotta love the palm leaf!!!!