Saturday, January 31, 2009

Want to become a photographer? Some things you might want to know...

I get emails all the time. Clients saying “hey this looks easy… I’d like to do it too”. Or I get resumes from people asking if I am hiring an assistant or students. I get all kinds of great emails. I am very flattered and I blush that someone would want ME to mentor them and help them. I have talked over the years to so many and as much as I would love to keep answering a lot of emails I get, right now with having a business, and 4 very active children and raising a family I thought it may help by linking to a friend and fellow photographer in Atlanta, Ga. She answered many of the questions I get all the time about my line of work.
Truly I am so appreciative of everyone and I hope that by
linking to this Blog it will help you to get a great inside look into this business.

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